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General Services - Mapplewood Podiatry
General Services
The Podiatric Physicians at Maplewood Podiatry are trained to treat all aspects of the foot and ankle.  This encompasses many conditions from routine diabetic foot care to foot infections that require the podiatrist to amputate the infected area.  Other conditions include trauma, including fractures of the foot and ankle and pediatric and adult patients with flat feet.  Surgical correction of flat foot can be performed and is based on each patients unique foot structure and symptoms.

Our practice utilizes a digital x-ray processor to help diagnose foot/ankle fractures and complex foot conditions.  We also help pediatric and adult patients with everything from ingrown nails, ankle sprains to tendinitis.  Additionally, our practice has an in-office CO2 laser.  This allows our physicians to more quickly remove warts and prevent re-infection.

Please take time to read more about the conditions treated at Maplewood Podiatry in the "conditions" section of our website.